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Bespoke Plans

The accuracy and quality of the information contained on the general arrangement drawings are vital to the successful integration of the coordination information that follows.

First and foremost the general arrangement proposal has to meet the client's brief in terms of production and service levels, together with the statutory environmental health requirements. Once the design is finalised, full service drawings are prepared to form a complete technical template for the catering installation.

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Detailed Service Drawings

Once the plans have met the design criteria, detailed services information on the agreed installation needs to be presented to the rest of the design team.

CBP Independent Catering Design Services (CBP) provides a detailed level of services information that includes itemised schedules, cross referenced to individual appliance termination information on the drawings. This information is transferred to elevation views, which display equipment, and the setting out for corresponding electrical and mechanical services. The services drawing also highlight any specific information such has exceptionally high temperature discharges, gas and water pressure requirements.

Further drawings are also produced for drainage point locations and wash gulley requirements, together with builders work plinths if required.

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Detailed Service Plans

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Budget Submission
Budget Submissions

Accurate headline budget information is provided for capital equipment provision, in association with the design proposal. These figures can be broken down to indicate further allowances, such as phased working and anticipated installation costs.

Detailed Specifications
Detailed Specifications

The correct specification of the equipment to meet the need of the operation is key. CBP utilises detailed materials specification for customised stainless steel work, and 35 years of industry equipment Knowledge to select the appropriate appliances.

Tender Packages
Tender Packages

The culmination of the completed design process is the issue of a tender pack of information that can be forwarded for pricing to the chosen catering contractors. This information can also be used to augment the services and builders work requirements, to potential main contractors involved in bidding for the project.



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